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As the airline industry gears up for yet more revolutions this year, some people live in fear due to the recent plane disasters. And yes, we all feel bad about the recent Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines crashes and mis haps, but it remains – air travel is the safest there is!

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The future’s in the sky!

The truth also remains, that becoming a pilot is one of the best and most rewarding careers in the world. Once you are qualified, finding a job will become easy. Your world will change forever and be ready for a life in the sky.

Think about the extra aspects to flying that not everyone considers – touring new cities all over the world, trying new foodslooking for affordable accommodation or in some cases, get sponsored hotels on your company.

If you truly want to travel the world and earn a load of money at the same time (without having to become a backpacker or a member of the army), then being a pilot is the way to go. We offer endless tips on this website from our experts in the industry. Happy planning and flying everyone!

Here is a cool video on how to become a pilot.

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