Top 5 European Cities for Pilots

It’s a busy life being a pilot, but the good news is this means you get to land your flights in new cities and get out and see the world. Europe has such a great variety of top notch cities, but these five are a good start if you are a pilot. Get out of your cockpit and indulge in some of these cool activities when having a night or two in these spots.

Top 5 European Cities For Pilots

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
    A bit of wacky backy may not be recommended of course, but never mind – there is good cheese, there are hookers everywhere, great nightlife and some good sights to check out. Schipol Airport is one of the busiest in the world as well, so most pilots know the place by heart.
  2. London, England
    You may think that the buzz of London means mayhem mixed with posh dudes in swanky suits, but it’s not really like that. Have you headed to hippy Camden Town before? Or the thrill of getting a real life London call girl in your cockpit in Soho? Or watched sunset on a Thames River Boat? Loads to see and do in the English capital.
  3. Belfast, Northern Ireland
    You can get your hard working Northern Irish spirit going here in the city’s many bars. The famous Crown Liquor Salon comes recommended. Then the world’s most bombed hotel (once) and a good old pastie supper to finish the night.
  4. Chisinau, Moldova
    A surprising inclusion perhaps and it’s a small airport to fly into but Moldova is becoming the next big thing. Trendy cafes, cool bars and some really cheap shopping options, Moldova is the budget option and the girls are fit too.
  5. San Sebastian, Basque Country
    Fly into the Basque Country and get ready to feel like you are not in Spain. This is the Basque and the range of pinxtos in the bars will amaze you. San Sebastian is a great relaxing city for any pilot.