Pilot Updates from London, Versailles and LA

Pilot caught with knives There has been some crazy news recently in the pilot front in London, as at Heathrow a pilot was arrested for possessing knives ahead of a flight to Hong Kong. The article was reported in the Guardian newspaper.┬áMany people want to travel to London to start things off when they are visiting Europe and it has been highlighted once again that the security levels in airports like Heathrow, London, Stansted and Gatwick are superb. The British police and immigration officers have shown vigilance in this instance. …Read more on The Guardian

Mental masturbation is alive and well in Versailles on the Potomac The long-established Power Games Pentagon accelerate this development when budgets increase – the Little Shop of Horrors, as the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, a case in known to the last point. …. In the continental U.S. and Alaska, after removing the … Read more on CounterPunch

Pacquiao, Bradley Both seek Redemption In Rematch Lakers Travel to London keep pilots until a flag Lakers before the Los Angeles Lakers travel to London at LAX in Los Angeles, California. Lakers In … “To be honest, I was not as motivated when I training for our first fight … Read more at CBS According to the Wall Street Journal, Scrambled Eggs Turkey to land Local
From The Sports Network an F-16 fighter jets to force the aircraft, after the pilots sent a signal that she was kidnapped. A Turkish transport official described the alleged hijackers tried as a “citizen … Read more on Sports Network