Cool Regions to Fly Over in Asia

As pilots in our industry, we often get amazing views from our cockpits and sometimes, when we are not so busy we an really savour these. Asia has to be one of the best places to fly over for the sheer diversity of landscapes around. Some pilots love China and Russia while others prefer the dodgier zones in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but one thing for sure is you will love it and never forget those breathtaking views.

Cool Regions To Fly Over In Asia

Uzbekistan – flying over Samarkand

You may not think of Uzbekistan immediately when you think of Asia, but many pilots love it. It is a country of sheer diversity from the lakes and deserts to city views of Samarkand from overhead. Even some of the hotels in Bukhara make for a great flight over and even cooler is flying over the Uzbekistan to Afghanistan border. Mountains in parts as well make for a crazy bit of cockpit adventure.

China cannot be left out of any fighter pilots adventure. Imagine trying to fly the entire length of the Great Wall or scaling the famous border regions with Tajikistan, Afghanistan and the Hong Kong border with its humungous array of skyscrapers. China is vast and a pilots dream for sure.

The truth about Siberia is that it is so remote that it becomes interesting. You can play games to see how far the next village is. And if you have an eagle eye, you can even see if you can somehow view Lenin’s head in Ulan Ude – the biggest Lenin head in the world.

4.North Korea
A crazy idea is to fly over North Korea at night. You really will notice a difference from the bright lights of China at Dandong to when you cross the border and it becomes darkness. They definitely try to save electricity in North Korea – even Pyongyang is not well lit up at night apart from the major sights. And then when you venture south, you will also notice the difference at the South Korean border end. Suddenly, everything is lit up again. This would be a really crazy place to fly over!

North Korea - Cool Regions To Fly Over In Asia

North Korea

Just to get some gorgeous ocean in this list, how about a flight over the Maldives. These beautiful islands boast blue ocean and sandy beaches and are a total paradise. Once you get to land you can then head over and chill out, as let’s be honest being a fighter pilot has its stressful moments!