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Career Plan: How to convert your annual salary in an hourly rate

To one year’s salary in a convert hourly rate, divide the annual salary by the number of hours worked in a year carried out. Get tips to calculate … professions 100K and 200K Salary: astronomers, physicists, political scientists, pharmacists

Days Off for Pilots: Exploring Bulgaria Summer Resorts

Work as a pilot gets tiring, but the benefits are we end up in lands afar and have a day or two to explore. However as a pilot we want to cut off from the cockpit world and enjoy our

What Are the Requirements to Be a Pilot? – HowCast

As the airline industry gears up for yet more revolutions this year, some people live in fear due to the recent plane disasters. And yes, we all feel bad about the recent Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines crashes and mis

LTTE radio communication network Collapse LTTEs radio communication exchange network has collapsed. This in… Video Rating: 5 / 5

Women in Indian Airforce

A high-risk adventurous career has always attracted the young, but it was never thought of as either a hobby or a full-time career for women. But times have … Video Rating: 4 / 5 George W. Bush is the

Brokerages toss around ideas about salary for Next Gen advisers

Brokerages toss around ideas about salary for Next Gen advisers Wells Fargo spokeswoman Rachelle Rowe declined to provide specific details on how that salary would look if the firm extended it past the first few years or what options the

Dossier 11 – Haiti, “open for business” – The Salary Issue

This video looks at a Haitian worker’s sweatshop wage and how much it costs to just try to survive in Haiti. It is part of a longer video, and accompanies a … This is a persona and scenario for a

Mitchell-OConnell-salary-freeze-discussion-Jan 23-2013

Regional Council Salary Freeze Discussion. Councillor Mitchell (Whitby) and Councillor O’Connell (Pickering) – comment on Aker/Rodrigues motion. January 23, … Video Rating: 0 / 5 Family Nurse Practitioner Salary please visit my website!!!

Marine Fighter Pilots during Thailand Cobra Gold

Pilots and ground crew Marines of VMFA(AW)-224. Recorded May 13, 2007. This video is from the Department of Defense and as such is in the public domain. Any …

Illinois Town Fights Unemployment Rate

Cynthia Bowers reports on Rockford, Ill., a Midwest city fighting a high unemployment rate and struggling back to prosperity, one job at a time. Video Rating: 5 / 5

Student Robotics Club Turns Staircase Into Piano

Student Robotics Club Turns Staircase Into Piano Yet, as of last December, the USAF employed 1,366 drone pilots — only 85 percent of the total needed to operate the 65 combat air patrols (each consisting of up to 4 drones)

Regional Roundup

Regional Roundup The contract has a 1 percent salary increase for 2013-14 and 2.75 percent increase for 2014-15. (Echo-Journal). 19 Remaining Thanks for visiting The Pilot Independent. You're entitled to view 20 free articles every 30 days. You will see

Foreign fighters look to aid Syria’s rebels

The international community says it is concerned about the presence of foreign fighters in Syria. While opposition groups do not deny their existence, they i… Video Rating: 3 / 5 Syria Air Force Officers Defect and Dump Dictator Assad –

Robert G. Beebe

Robert G. Beebe After the war he was in the first class of U.S. Air Force jet pilots to graduate, which was known as the guinea pig class. Through the years he thoroughly enjoyed his Air Force career as a


Watch rescue workers work to free the many injured to loading Life Flight. Video Rating: 4 / 5 HELP NOW? OKAY.Contact the Aviation Senate Subhouse at 202-226-3220 This is a live number as of 6/1/2013. Read a little more below

18+ Syria Freedom Fighters Overrun Saraquib Base as Dictator Goes on Defensive in Idlib 3-Nov-12

18+ Syria Freedom Fighters Overrun Saraquib Base as Dictator Goes on Defensive in Idlib 3-Nov-12صقور الشام كتيبة المهاجرين والأنصار حاجز معمل الزيت (1).flv S… Video Rating: 3 / 5