Getting Ready For Christmas Shopping Online For Pilots

As pilots and business professionals, time is of the essence. Spending most of the month of December in the air, means little or no time to go shopping and get those all important presents for your loved ones. It is

Cool Regions to Fly Over in Asia

As pilots in our industry, we often get amazing views from our cockpits and sometimes, when we are not so busy we an really savour these. Asia has to be one of the best places to fly over for the

London, Paris and LA Pilots Update

At Belfast Airport, hackers attempted to steal information from best laptops for programming that were accessing the WiFi network, again highlighting the risks of data theft for anyone in the airline industry. Having a backup plan from Carbonite is always

A Pilot’s Christmas Shopping List

Christmas is coming already and we all know what that means in this industry – lots of flights. We will be inundated with passengers onto our planes, we will have flight delays, airport queues and we will work flat out

Top 5 European Cities for Pilots

It’s a busy life being a pilot, but the good news is this means you get to land your flights in new cities and get out and see the world. Europe has such a great variety of top notch cities,

7 Little-Known Facts about the Chinook Helicopter

Boeing’s CH-47, the Chinook helicopter, is one of the most distinctive aircraft in any theater of war. Its twin rotors are powered by twin jet engines and, for those two rotors alone, it’s an impressive and often awe-inspiring aircraft. Whether

Pilot Updates from London, Versailles and LA

Pilot caught with knives There has been some crazy news recently in the pilot front in London, as at Heathrow a pilot was arrested for possessing knives ahead of a flight to Hong Kong. The article was reported in the

Campaign USA Pilot – documentation section

fight U.S. pilot documentary section about the different IL and WI-fighter getting ready to face off in, in what would be an exciting night! Get to mee … Video Rating: 5/5

Pocahontas fighter pilot presented in the last book

Pocahontas fighter pilot in the last pre-book The uncle had trained with Brinkman, but not fly with him by catching the mumps. Brinkman was a pilot of a B-17 and was killed in battle when his plane crashed in Germany.

Becoming Pilot for ONE DAY

If you’ve been dreaming of becoming a Fighter Pilot for the last few years, there are many obstacles in your path. A lot of research, hard work and planning is needed. Plus you need one major thing – dedication!! Pilots

College boxes!

boxes / calculus lesson from a boxer named Euler, who, during the teaching knocks three professors. All images and music were created by me and with PowerPoint …

Career Plan: How to convert your annual salary in an hourly rate

To one year’s salary in a convert hourly rate, divide the annual salary by the number of hours worked in a year carried out. Get tips to calculate … professions 100K and 200K Salary: astronomers, physicists, political scientists, pharmacists

Days Off for Pilots: Exploring Bulgaria Summer Resorts

Work as a pilot gets tiring, but the benefits are we end up in lands afar and have a day or two to explore. However as a pilot we want to cut off from the cockpit world and enjoy our

Minister wants to extend Gripen ‘lease until the end of March

Minister wants Gripen ‘lease until the end of March Expand prague 3 February (CTK) – New Czech Defense Minister Martin Stropnický (ANO) wants to make a decision on an extension of the lease of supersonic Gripen fighter aircraft until the

U.S. Marines Air drop training during Red Flag

U.S. Marines with Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron (VMGR) 352, Marine Aircraft Group 11, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, Air Waste behavioral training for U.S. .. A graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, Lt. Col. Nicole Malachowski has the F-15E

What Are the Requirements to Be a Pilot? – HowCast

As the airline industry gears up for yet more revolutions this year, some people live in fear due to the recent plane disasters. And yes, we all feel bad about the recent Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines crashes and mis